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The 2017 Faculty Advisory Committee Conference on Student Success & Shared Governance will be held at Central Connecticut State University on Friday, April 7, 2017. Save the date!





About the CSCU SSC

The CSCU SSC provides technical assistance to colleges in the form of data driven research, identification of national high impact practices, and work with existing BOR faculty, staff, and administrators engaged in this work.


Founded in Fall 2014, the CSCU SSC aims to foster a collaborative process in which faculty, staff, students, and administration work together to develop a culture of academic and personal success for community college students across the state of Connecticut. Consistent with the mission of our colleges, we aim to promote communities in which students are encouraged to succeed and excel as they work towards achieving their goals of degree and certificate completion.


The CSCU SSC received a competitive $500,000 grant from the Kresge Foundation to initiate this work. In addition to supporting personnel to carry out the mission and goals of the CSCU SSC, the grant supports the convening of statewide faculty and staff meetings, student success summits, and professional mini grants to Connecticut’s 12 community colleges.


Enhance existing and establish new student success knowledge communities through the regular exchange of information at system professional development activities and meetings.
Promote innovation and continuous improvement through the collection and dissemination of data and performance metrics.
Develop a sustained student-success plan based on the needs of Connecticut community colleges and research and analysis of nationally recognized high impact practices and initiatives.
Assist in the identification of areas where BOR policy and/or state statue should be developed or amended to enhance student learning outcomes and pathways to completion.
Partners: Kresge Foundation & Jobs for the Future

By virtue of its grantee status with the Kresge Foundation, the CSCU SSC joins a group of small but influential Student Success Centers in other states (Arkansas, California, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and Texas) that together comprise a growing national network organized by Jobs for the Future (JFF), a policy based organization located in Boston and Washington D.C. JFF has played a leadership role in the nationwide institutional adoption of many of the research-based high impact practices learned from the past decade of work involving the Completion by Design (CBD), Achieving the Dream (ATD) initiatives, and other national student success movements.

Staff/Human Resources

The CSCU SSC is staffed by an executive director, an assistant director, and a grant administrator. With regularity, graduate interns provide project based assistance on various initiatives originating from the CSCU SSC. The executive director serves as an ex-officio member of the BOR statewide Dean of Student Affairs Council and participates in regularly scheduled meetings of the BOR Academic Leadership Team to ensure the work of the CSCU SSC is informed by and aligned with system student success initiatives.

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